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Gerald Wesley Northup was born the first son of Wesley and Gertrude (Jenne) Northup in November 1933. Gary's kids are: Lynn, Debbi, Leslie, Mary, Mike and Tami. (who have given him 18 grandchildren) Gary was a builder in the Seattle area, first with his Dad and later on his own. I will leave him to fill in some details here.
Fae passed away in January 1987 of colon cancer... boy do we miss her.

Later, after Gary's cousin Connie (Northup) Hallberg divorced her husband, they got together and were married. Daughter, Deb says, "I am married to Arnold Olson (fifteen years now). I have three children from my first marriage to Craig McNew deceased)...Christian (my daughter) has three kids, Sammantha 6, Taylir 5 and Dylan, almost 2; Michele (my daughter) has one daughter Andrea, almost 3, and my son Charles (Carey) is heretofore unhitched and without children.
Gary has 4 GREAT grandkids from me. (and believe me, they are GREAT little kids =) If I had known grandkids are so wonderful, I woulda had em first !!!
My sister Lynn has a grandaughter (Kristi's), Bailey, 2, and my sister Leslie has a grandaughter (Jana's) Mackenzie, 2... and Les has a grandbaby in the oven due to arrive end of October (Aaron's baby).. then Gary will have SEVEN GREAT grandchildren. Gary Northup's page is under Construction. Check back frequently for changes.

Gary and Fae Northup Family

Children of Gary and Fae Northup

Mary , Mike, and Tami
Gary and Fae and family in 1967
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Gary as a young child
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